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Maria Louisa Garcia

Business Manager/Accounting Para Professional

Our Team

Maria Louisa Garcia 210-568-0646 Licensed Insurance Agent

Relevant Experience

Maria Louisa has spent the last forty years involved with bookkeeping and financial accounting. She has provided services to a variety of businesses. She started her professional career with Texas Department of Human Resources. She served in a number of write up positions to a variety of businesses before starting her own business in 1983. She served as a consultant to a variety of businesses during this tenure before becoming a para-professional and write up consultant for Hector E. Garcia, CPA.

Write Up and Accounting Responsibilities

Maria Louisa’s experience includes manual and computerized record-keeping functions for a variety of entities and industries. Other experience includes consulting and write-up services as well as setup of accounting systems and training of client personnel including but not limited to QuickBooks Pro, Peach Tree accounting software and Microsoft Office Suite programs. Her experience with accounting software applications enables her to provide support to business owners and bookkeepers by answering any questions or help solve many problems to keep their business running smoothly. Mary also has completed extensive accounting hours at the University of Texas at San Antonio. Her broad experience in write-up functions is as follows:

  • Recording cash receipts and disbursements, maintaining A/R & A/P ledgers, and adjustments to produce a general ledger or trial balance
  • Preparing adjusting journal entries to record assets, liabilities such as notes payable, and equity transactions such as partner’s or owner’s draws as well as depreciation expense
  • Calculating and processing payrolls through a manual system, accounting software or a third-party payroll vendor such as ADP
  • Calculating payroll tax deposits using a manual system or EFTPS
  • Preparing payroll tax returns through the various accounting systems
  • Summarizing and analyzing data for tax return preparation purposes

Professional Activities, Civic Affairs and Organizations

Maria Louisa is a native of San Antonio and has attended the University of Texas at San Antonio and San Antonio College.

She is a member of the following organizations:

  • QuickBooks Pro Advisor Program
  • Intuit ProConnection for Accountants
  • Introduction Leader and business coach with Land Mark Forum
  • American Association of Notaries
  • St Francis of Assisi Catholic Church