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Management Consulting

Assisting a business to improve its efficiency and provide maximum use of its resources is another phase of our firm’s services. Management frequently needs objective professional advice from outside in developling sound plans and making knowledgeable decisions. At Hector E. Garcia, CPA we get to know our clients very well, and as outside advisors we not only have the time and experience to help solve managerial problems but we also have an inside view of the organization. We have experience in evaluating internal control measures to assist our clientele implement accounting policies and procedures to provide better safe guard of assets.

Nobody knows your business the way you do, but sometimes it is impossible for management to solve its business problems when it does not employ full-time management and financial personnel, or does not have the expertise required.

The management consulting services of Hector E. Garcia, CPA covers the following major areas – capital expenditures, government cost accounting systems, operations research, budgeting systems, cost accounting analysis, financial planning, methods of financing, cash management, profitability accounting, accounting systems design and review, strategic planning (business and information technology), project management (planning and organization), business process redesign, requirement’s definition, software evaluation and selection, conceptual and detail design, and data conversion.

There is probably no type of business that needs sound accounting practices more than the construction firm. Our personnel has a vast amount of experience working with general and sub-contractors in setting up accounting systems that generate the necessary reports to track job costing under the percentage of completion or completed-contracted method of accounting utilizing generally accepted accounting principles.

The following are among the industries for which we have provided management consulting services, some of which are operated by Spanish-speaking only owners:

  • Service/Professional
  • Construction
  • Wholesale
  • Non-profit
  • Healthcare
  • General/Sub Contractors
  • Retail
  • Manufacturing





This entity is wholly owned by Maria L. Garcia and is an insurance and investment agency affiliated with Wealth Wave financial group, Transamerica and Nationwide national insurance companies. HTM Financial Group LLC’s mission is to protect and build wealth for the families we serve.  We want to increase financial literacy and provide solutions that can deliver more confidence for our clients and associates.  To succeed in our mission, we must have a single-minded devotion to financial literacy.  The reason most people don’t understand basic financial concepts like compounding interest, the impact of losses and taxes, and the importance of protecting your income and principal is clear:  Financial education is simply not taught in most schools, universities, or homes.


Life Insurance

HTM mainly uses Life Insurance to protect our heirs and loved ones from an unforeseen loss.  Since each family has their unique situation, it can be used for many different reasons, like paying off mortgages, funding college education for kids or grandkids, paying of estate taxes, for supplemental retirement income and, most importantly, providing the living spouse an income to cover the financial gap now faced.

Disability Insurance

Like we mentioned before, you must have a strategy in place to plan for a contingency such as becoming disabled and not being able to work. Some clients have coverages that are paid through their employers; some are provided by the government.

It is a responsibility to know what benefits you may have upon an event of disability, what percentage of your income is assured, how long it is assured for, and if it is enough to cover your family need. In theory, it should be 60% of your net income, but again, each client has his own personal situation and maybe this would not be sufficient for his or her needs.

Long Term Care

We all have been faced with the situation of having a family member ill, and have watched the complications it can create in our daily living.  For example, taking caring for your grandparents, your parents, aunts, cousins; it greatly affects and changes our lives financially and emotionally.

The purpose of Long Term Care Insurance is to have a company that can cover most of the health care costs that arise from our loved ones while protecting your savings for retirement. The insurance company, upon qualification, will pay for the nursing home, home health services, medical bills, etc. Planning for Long Term Care is of extreme importance, given the increase in longevity today due to our technology, science, and medical advances, and the high cost of health care we now face.

Qualified Plans

Our Qualified Plan division is one of the cornerstones with ERISA law (Employment Retirement and Income Security Act) created in 1973; the law that regulates all qualified plans for private businesses.  Focusing on these areas we differentiate ourselves, by giving customized alternative and solutions to employers.

IRA      ROTH IRA       KEOGH Plans are a few plans that are available for retirement plans


HTM Financial Group, LLC (Continued)

Non-Qualified Plans

A non-qualified deferred compensation plan is generally an unsecure promise by an employer to pay future compensation/benefits to an employee. If structured properly, the employee is not taxed until the benefits are actually received; the employer receives an income tax deduction when the benefits are included in the employee’s income. Some of the most common plans are: 

Supplemental Retirement Income, Key Man Coverage, Retention Bonuses, Buy Sell Funding
Wealth Transfers, Split Dollar Planning